Excerpt: "I didn't intend to sit down and draw in the moment that this happened, though, but I suppose that makes it all the more personal - It sort of just...came out, and I love the way it looks."

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In the Wake of Destruction

Excerpt: “I hear the screams of the dead in my ears and feel them in my bones. They feel like fear. The final, terrified moments of blessed souls, rattling through my skull. The rage of the gods, burning like a bullet in my chest.”

Excerpt: “For I know that this Goddess of War is also the Goddess of Families, and She has named me "Snake Child".”

Resting Concerns

Excerpt: “So that is what I will do: Wear my faith around my neck in hopes of providing strength and belief where it is needed and desired...and sit before my altar to pray for answers.”

Recent Events – Late June, 2018

Excerpt: "I hope to be back to making regular posts again soon, now that I will have more free time from being laid off from my job. But I do have plans to move within a month (hopefully), so things might be a bit hectic for me for a while!"

Concluding The Month of Wadjet

Excerpt: "Over the last month, Wadjet and I have grown even closer than before: Our relationship has taken turns that I could never have predicted. I still do not fully understand some of what I have learned, but I do know that I have Her blessing going forward, and that is enough for me."

On Names And The Ren

Excerpt: "Some people have one name all their lives that they were given at their birth and are fine with that, and some people have a different name they choose themselves every couple of days. Most people are somewhere in between, I think."

On “What All of This Means”

Excerpt: “It should begin with a prelude of ‘This is difficult’. Which isn't saying much - Of course it's difficult. But let me explain why, and maybe it will shed a little light.”

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